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Tachyon Healing Chamber

~~~Our Facility systems explained below~~~

Tachyons are creative energies in their purest particle form, the real building blocks of the Universe. Think of them as zero points or quantum energies that can be harnessed for conscious manifestation. Quantum sounds like a big science term but merely means little tiny pieces of of consciousness.

What is possible with Tachyon Energy

  • Improve Quality of Life
  • Improve Physical Health and Well-being
  • Increase Longevity
  • Reverse the Aging Process
  • Remove Imbalances and Illness
  • Energize your Energy matrix and Bio-Field

A session inside the Tachyon chamber takes a minimum of 20 minutes and has irreversible positive effects on all aspects of one’s being. Amazing experiences have been reported, including spontaneous emotional, physical & psychological healing. Every session is unique. Book a session to explore what this technology can do for you.

Once Astronauts leave Earth’s atmosphere, they report feelings of pure bliss and euphoria- this is due to the effects of Tachyons.

Read the “Science-y” Stuff

“Tachyon energy is coming directly from the Source. Tachyons were the first particles that were created when this universe came into creation. So this is exactly the reason why they are our direct connection to the Source. Tachyons are (sub-atomic) particles that travel faster than light and are thus connecting us with higher dimensions” – Cobra.

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AHmazing Interview with Cobra

Light Mandala Astral Star System

Mandala Astral Star Light produces fractal light fields carrying precise informational resonances, interacting through the human energetic meridian nodes, points, and informational auric fields, resulting in harmonious mental, emotional & psycho-spiritual states.

  • Improve Mood
  • Repair and Balance your body’s Bio-Energy Field
  • Nourish your Body’s Cells
  • Correct Discordant Energies
  • Increase Relaxation
  • Improve Wellness
  • Improve Mood & Consciousness
  • Harmonize Mental, Emotional & Psycho-spiritual states

Astral Star Light = Divine Structure

  • Scalar Waves
  • High Frequency
  • Sacred Geometry and Reiki Codes
  • Pure Resonantly Tuned Crystals
  • Harmonic Fractal Fields
  • Color Frequencies
  • Improve Emotional State Balancing
  • Custom Ambient Atmosphere
  • DNA Activations and Personal Protection
  • Circadian System Synchronization
  • Coherent Geometric Pattern Photon Field

Quantum Fluctuation Resonator

This device is the ultimate quantum zero-point technology, which harmonizes the basic structure of the space continuum inside its operational radius between 12 and 30 feet . Practically speaking it harmonizes and improves every aspect of life (physical, emotional and mental) of anybody inside that radius. Above all it supports all positive decisions and free will as free will/consciousness is the determination factor in all quantum processes. This technology is not Tachyon technology, it complements it and approaches the quantum world form a different angle.